10 Great Social Listening Tools For Your Business

Ranya Barakat

March 02, 2015

With so much content published on the internet by producers and consumers, Online Marketers now have the critical task of social listening.

What are people saying about your brand? What are people saying about your industry? What are people saying about your competition?

Using social listening tools to monitor your online reputation is set to become the most invaluable resource any company can have.

With the number of different platforms and social accounts 1 business has, it can seem overwhelming to monitor those accounts and terms?

In 2015, "Social media listening will be just as important for brands on social media as it is responding to direct customer service inquiries. More importantly, through Twitter, brands will have to set up tools that will directly monitor keywords relevant to your brand name where users haven’t directly mentioned you via ‘@.’" says Chris Kyriacou.

Here is a list of 12 social media monitoring tools. Some are free, and some are not. Read through the list, try them out, and then decide which is most suitable for you.

1. Social Mention

Social Mention offers a real-time social media search and analysis. When you enter search terms, it scans for mentions on blogs, bookmarks, social networking sites, news, video, etc... Social Mention rates the mentions by Strength, Sentiment, Passion, and Reach.

2. Google Alerts

Create an alert for any term/s that you want to be notified of when new information related to this topic is published.

3. SocialRest

the Segment Like Never Before. Segment based on what your audience shares. Segment based on who your audience is. Segment based on how they convert. Use your audience's social data and start sending a better email.

4. Topsy

No registration is required. Topsy is quite similar to Social Mention. Its main function is that it allows you to search and analyze the social web. Its main focus is on social media, especially multimedia and blogs.

5. Tweetreach

Monitor Tweets about your brand in real-time as the conversation unfolds. Get comprehensive Twitter analytics on the reach of your message, the performance of your content, and the engagement of your contributors. It is a good way of finding out who are your most influential followers, implicitly guiding you towards the right people you should be targeting when aiming to share and promote online content.

6. Sysomos

Sysomos uses the content of social media sites, including blogs, forums, and Twitter, to create a real-time picture of how products, people, and brands are covered in those media sites. As a result, Sysomos helps you, monitor, analyze, gather insights, and ultimately decide to create better products and services for your customers. It’s social media analytics, amplified...and simplified.

7. Icerocket

Icerocket is specialized in searching blogs. Their "big buzz" option also captures Facebook, Twitter, and image sites such as Flickr. It's free, easy to use, and does not require the registration of an account.

8. DataSift

Datasift gathers, filters, and extracts meaning from social data and other enterprise data sources, analyzes it by gathering market insight, understanding customers, results measured, optimizing campaigns, and more. With DataSift, you can deliver Human Data into business intelligence (BI) tools and business processes in real-time.

9. Hootsuite / TweetDeck

Hootsuite and TweetDeck offer tools to consolidate and manage your social media accounts. For example, you can add search columns that scan #hastags of your choice on Twitter in real-time.

10. Measured

Measured is the complete social analytics solution, empowering marketers with unmatched access to their social data to define their social strategy more clearly and optimize their tactics for maximum impact. It gives you in-depth measurement across your owned, earned & paid social media. Stunning charts look the same in Excel, PowerPoint, or your web browser.

11. Meltwater

Gain new insights about your company, customers, and competitors by tapping into more than 300 million social media conversations with the Meltwater Buzz social media monitoring tool.

12. Trackur

Full monitoring of all social media and mainstream news, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and millions more! Executive insights including trends, keyword discovery, automated sentiment analysis & influence scoring. Fully white-label your dashboard with your URL, your logo, and your color scheme with their Ultimate plan.

I would love to hear about your experience with tools to monitor your social media presence. And if any other tools should be on this list. Leave a comment below. 

If you liked this post and would like to know more about the benefits of social media listening, check out my post about the reasons to use social media listening in your business.

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