5 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow

Rodrigo Silva

November 01, 2016

Nowadays, more than 50% of searches are on mobile, 91% of Facebook use (daily active users) is on mobile, and 80% of Facebook advertising revenue is mobile.

This data from Smart Insights clearly shows that digital marketing is becoming more and more about mobile. This is one of the main digital marketing trends that we’ve identified for 2017 that directly impacts Inbound Marketing and its related strategies, such as growth hacking.

That’s right. Several trends that companies, experts, and consultants have identified for next year have a lot to do with growth hacking, basically, because companies are demanding more efficient strategies to convert and close with new customers, and -as we’ve seen in a previous blog- “growth hacking invites visitors to become promoters quickly using marketing techniques which promote usage and retention as long as they keep using it, skipping the whole process and offering a solution to a problem they didn’t know they had.”

Ok, let’s take a closer look at the trends that will impact growth hacking.

Native advertising

In a recent article published in the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi, the content marketing guru, states that “we are starting to see several enterprises experiment, and succeed, with paid, native promotion of their content.”

A few years ago, the expert said companies were spending nearly 80% on content creation and 20% on content promotion. Today, these numbers have switched, “with successful enterprises creating differentiated content and putting some advertising and promotion muscle behind it.”

Video and visual

Maybe this trend isn’t the hottest news in town, but it’s true. Your company’s content has to go visual. But, wait! this isn’t only about making cool videos. “Most brands are still hanging their video strategy on the viral video -Pulizzi explains- instead of building a process and organization around the ongoing delivery of valuable information through video.”


“I have to be honest. I don’t get Snapchat -the expert admits- but enough of my smart colleagues have said it is here to stay. Since Snapchat has surpassed Facebook in total video views.” Content isn’t only about visuals and platforms, and Snapchat is the world’s hottest visual platform where your company should consider to be.

Expiring social content

This adds a new element to the content equation: the sense of urgency. You won't have all the time in the world anymore to check the content that grabbed your attention. In fact, you’ll have 24 hours to see a video on Snapchat, for example.

“Expiring content is now part of the evolving social media landscape. It’s trending, and the spurning of Facebook by Snapchat when they were offered a $3 billion buyout seems to have become personal. Their message to Snapchat? If we can’t buy you, we will beat you. Social media is no longer an experiment or a game. It is big business,” Jeff Bullas says.

Artificial Intelligence to engage and service customer

According to Smart Insights, “artificial intelligence is now starting to deliver on its promise and has now developed to the stage where brands are developing bots that give consumer assistance.

Likely you’ll know about Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, IBM’s Watson, and the latest addition, Facebook’s Bot Engine for Messenger, which went live in April this year. Google too announced its assistant service at Google I/O 2016.”

Do you identify other important trends for the next year that may also impact Inbound Marketing and growth hacking? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Rodrigo Silva

Rodrigo is a journalist with over 10 year of experience in writing.

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