7 Inbound Marketing FAQ's

Ranya Barakat

January 02, 2015

You keep hearing about it, and it sounds like the right step your company ought to be taking, 

but you still have some questions. Below is a list of questions that I have thought of that may be of assistance to you.

1. How Does It Work?

Inbound Marketing is a methodology of doing your business easily found by customers who are in the process of researching and looking for products and services within your industry. By utilizing search engine optimization, creating and publishing remarkable content, social media platforms, call-to-actions & landing pages, and email list segmentation, this is achieved.

2. How Quick Is It To Apply?

There is no defined time span because there are several variables involved; the industry of your business, your current website’s performance, the quantity and frequency of content created by you, how often you blog, and more. This means that the pace at which you will see results depends on how you structure all of the above. I personally prefer to approach it as an ongoing relationship that is constantly being developed with the innovation of market trends and constantly fine-tune your efforts by analyzing the detailed reports generated by Hubspot.

3. Why HubSpot?

HubSpot is the pioneer marketing automation software designed for small to medium-sized organizations. It has tools, workflows, Website templates, reports, and more in a simple interface that allows you to easily track your marketing efforts' performance. In addition, reports generated by HubSpot allow you to track your marketing ROI.

This means that you can always instantly modify your marketing based on results - something that Outbound Marketing can never offer you. HubSpot also provides you beneficial insights on your content performance. Add to that, Email Marketing integration.

4. What Kind Of Content Should I Create?

When producing content, you need to think about the types of content that users like to search for. Today easily found content is blog posts, white papers, ebooks, infographics, presentations, videos, surveys, and more. Downloadable content is your ammunition for capturing lead data. The content you produce must be helpful. Providing users with a free piece of information that is educational and informative is key. Keep in mind that your content always has to be easily shareable, visually appealing, and smart.

5. Can I Do This Without Contracting Your Company?

Outsourcing Inbound Specialists like us is what most companies prefer. The advantage of hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency is that we have experience doing it, we excel in content creation, we have technical experience, we can analyze your statistics and explain them to you, and you have a dedicated team at your service.

6. Which Social Media Platform Should I Be Using?

It depends on your industry. The most common platforms companies currently engage with are Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube. However, we love to consider and use other platforms depending on your industry: Pinterest, Instagram, Klout, Vine, Flickr, and the list goes on and on. Options are plenty. When we create your strategy, we will propose the platforms that best suit your line of industry and requirements.

7. Do I Need A Big Budget To Do This?

Several variables define the budget to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy. How big or small it is, is controlled by what we put into the strategy. At IDS, we can customize the strategy to suit your budget as best we can. To provide you with more information on an Inbound Marketing budget, let us meet with you, assess your current digital landscape, and discuss your marketing budget and allocation. Once we do this, we will provide you with different Inbound Marketing strategy packages.

I hope these FAQs are of help to you, and should you have any more questions that you would like to ask, please do get in touch, and it will be my pleasure to help where I can.

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Ranya Barakat

Ranya is a serial entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience working on the HubSpot CRM. She loves pushing her sleeves up , and getting s*** done. When she is not running her HubSpot partner agency, you can find her upside down on her yoga mat.

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