How to Report on Your Marketing


July 04, 2016

Of course, it´s a great thing that digital marketing professionals can get many benefits from automation processes today. I mean, just the fact that we're not going to do anything manually makes us feel happier.

Uncountable tasks and awesome campaigns wouldn't even be possible. Definitely, good automation makes us more productive because it means efficient processes will be controlled in time, making things work to help us measure activities and analyze results for the sake of making better future decisions (Such a relief).

Without this mechanism, we wouldn't be able to launch a powerful and effective Digital Marketing campaign. The best campaigns have a common denominator. This is automation. If it's about truly relevant content in our hands to show to the audience, it will guarantee greater amplification and scope. 

Automated Digital Marketing Strategies is also a component of any process of customer relationship management.

On the other hand, using an integrated marketing campaign helps us create truly unified strategies and provide numerous benefits, such as organization and accurate reports. It will increase sales and increase brand loyalty, save money, and competitive advantage.

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Integration and Reports

O.k, now it´s the time to manage and create reports out of the data in our CRM + Mailchimp + WordPress + Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin. The list continues … Digital Marketers and Salespeople goes like this: “ This is tedious, annoying, and I don't know why life is treating us like crap !!? “

Is the solution a tiny buddha in our desktop? - Nope.

As a professional in Marketing, what would you do with a Centralized, All-in-One Toolset? ... Well, fortunately, Hubspot has a large set of different tools such as email marketing, form submissions, website and blog CMS, landing page generator, CTA A/B testing, CRM, lead nurturing program, reporting, and statistics, etc. all in one place ... pretty cool, ha?

The idea behind integrated marketing activities in one Content Optimization System is to customize the offering to a customer based on the segment you are targeting and thereby target various segments individually by making a change, creating an extremely accurate and personalized approach.

All the relevant data you need in one system is a big win for alignment

If Good Automation and Integration go together, they're like Iron Man and Cap America. They both can be effective on their own; however, their (super) powers can save the city and go beyond your marketing goals when combined.

  • A couple of important things about reports:

Don't report to think that you measure something, and doing it just for the sake of reporting, because too many reports is a waste of time. What you really need to do is one Report to justify the real work you've been doing.

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What is closed-loop marketing & reporting?

Closed-loop reporting means "closing the loop" between the data from an automation software and the data that the sales team is collecting in a CRM System. Closed-loop marketing and reporting allow marketers to tie every visit, lead, customer, and costs to a marketing campaign. Here some Benefits of closed-loop marketing :

Identify the right channel and offer. 

Closed-loop marketing helps you identify the content that brings in the most visits to your website, the content with the highest conversion rate, and the best performing channels (Organic, Social Media, Email, Referrals, etc.)

Deliver clear ROI metrics to your stakeholders 

This Case is one Example / We have spent $xxxx to generate an additional 3000 visits to the website, with a visitor/lead conversion of 20% - generating 600 leads - and a lead to customer conversion of 2% - resulted in acquiring 12 new customers.

CAC = Investment $xxxxx / 12 = yyyy

Build Intelligent insights about your target audience

Through the use of progressive profiling and Marketing Intelligence tools - you can build a complete profile of your contacts - their social media footprint, visits to the website, what kind of content they´ve engaged with, etc. and when tied to the CRM = it is tied to all the internal activities the sales/support teams are doing (email the contact, called them, add notes, etc.)

Highly Segment smart lists that group contacts based on their behavior and demographic is another thing we can analyze.

Seeking ways to integrate different components of marketing help us achieve optimal benefits

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Shorter Sales Cycle

The more information and intelligence data you collect about your contacts, the more you can target them with highly personalized and educational content that keeps people engaged and takes them further into the sales funnel.

For example, a lead that downloads an eBook, and 10 days later they come back to check your pricing page or product features and comparison page, is a clear example of a lead in the decision stage - or ready to buy. They need to receive a different type of communication or customize message from you than another lead who just subscribed to your blog or downloaded a "top-of-the-funnel" eBook (for Example, about a person in a different stage of the buyer´s Journey ).

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