Learn inbound sales with these 3 impressive success stories

Rodrigo Silva

June 20, 2016

Inbound is not just marketing. Neither is it just sales. It is the method that helps your company assure sustainable and solid growth because it's based on building a strong long-term relationship with clients, ones that you already have, and ones that you’ll get with the Inbound methodology.

Inbound Sales is the latest and finest part of this method because it completes the loop. It is what finally builds a dual-lane bridge between your marketing and sales teams. 

Let’s recap how Hubspot explains it. “Inbound sales develop a sales process that supports the prospect through the buyer’s journey. Along the bottom (of the graphic below) are stages that buyers move through (Awareness, Consideration, and Decision) that buyer move through during their purchasing process. Along the top are four actions (Identify, Connect, Explore, and Advise) inbound sales teams must implement to support qualified leads to become opportunities and eventually customers.”

Captura_de_pantalla_2016-06-02_a_las_14.50.43.pngWhy Inbound Sales necessary for today's business?

Because “due to the proliferation of marketing materials on the internet, the modern buyer is no longer dependent on salespeople to access information to make purchase decisions. Inbound salespeople recognize the need to transform their sales experience to be personalized to the buyer’s context. Likewise, inbound sales teams recognize the need to transform their entire sales strategy to be based on serving the buyer rather than the seller,” Hubspot states. 

But, how does this really work in real life? Let’s see three impressive examples. 

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Studio Proper: 35% revenue

This Australian boutique industrial design studio needed to improve its sales process. In late 2015, Eli Van entered the company as Business Development Manager with a clear mission of building a new process, as Hubspot explains.

Eli already knew Hubspot CRM from a previous job, so he immediately considered this tool to get the new job done and well done when he faced his new task.

Before Eli’s arrival, Studio Proper managed its sales processes by using spreadsheets to manage their deals. “They were spending a lot of their time going back and forth with prospects via email, often not connecting or getting any response. They also lacked a central location to record their communications which meant the reps were disorganized”.

“Instead of relying on cold emails –Hubspot adds- the sales team now leverages the HubSpot Email Tracking tool to get notified when their prospects are opening or clicking on their emails.

This means that they can reach out when their leads are thinking about them and answer questions or schedule a meeting then and there. It has cut down the back and forth on email, and they’re now closing deals twice as fast as before (…). Each rep now also saves about 45 minutes of admin time per meeting using the call and email logging functionality. Instead of jumping between tools and sifting through emails, they now spend more time selling and less time on admin.”

Due to these improvements, Studio Proper has shortened its sales cycle by 50% and increased revenue by 35%.

Linium: 413% of ROI

Linium –15 years of experience recruiting and outsourcing company- needed to renew its website and create an Inbound Marketing and sales growth engine.

“While Linium's end goal was to conquer the close stage, we had to initially work with its staff on the attract and convert stages. As a result, we took ownership of the entire funnel to deliver full-funnel solutions that would produce customers”, Hubspot’s partners New Breed explains.

They first created a digital storefront according to the Inbound best practices. Once it was ready, they started to create content to attract visitors and convert them into leads. “To aid in the conversion process, we also helped Linium's marketers create premium content offers, such as white papers and webinars, as well as email marketing campaigns and lead-nurturing workflows.”

Hubspot’s partners explain that they provided “ongoing, in-depth support to Linium's marketers and salespeople to help them create a defined lead-handoff process. Included was creating a service-level agreement between both teams to better align them”, among other actions.

Thanks to this strategy, Linium has got an ROI of 413%, formed by 571 leads through the convert stage; 173 were marketing qualified; 71 were sales qualified, and 18 were opportunities.

Just Add Ice Orchids: Sales went up 75%

These orchid growers from US Midwest were looking for an efficient proof-based solution for a key issue: Even though their customers well evaluated the brand, the market didn’t know about them, and they didn’t have a strategy or a method that helped people to find them, directly affecting its demand generation. 

There are Three major strategies were established:

  1. First, increase brand awareness and brand advocacy.
  2. Increase demand generation.
  3. Assist in aligning sales and marketing team.

This way, they added a customized store locator to the website, produced Inbound content such as videos, blogs, ebooks, guides, and downloads.

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Besides, “they brainstormed new methods to align sales and marketing teams, effectively strategizing an annual consumer report.

The Just Add Ice Orchids sales team defined survey questions used to create the consumer report, and the marketing team addressed concerns expressed by retailers and other consumers to develop an overall strategy and email marketing communications.” 

The results have been simply beautiful: “Sales grew up 75% in just one year, as a direct result of the new branding and website, store locator and content marketing.” 

How are your marketing and sales teams doing so far? Have you ever explored how Inbound Sales works? We invite you to shares your ideas! 

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