Dan Tyre's Pipeline Generation Bootcamp - Here's what I learned


August 12, 2017

We have been a HubSpot Partner Agency for about two-and-a-half years now. We just made it to Platinum tier–, and it's been one heck of a journey. Inbound is a constant and intensive learning experience.

But back then, I would have never imagined sales was my thing. But, of course, that changed when I became a Lion.

In June 2014, we landed in Chile not knowing a word of Spanish or a single person to build our business network.

I come from both pre-sales and consulting backgrounds. I'm also an introvert, so I didn't think I had the skills to sell. 

But then HubSpot introduced the Inbound Sales Methodology.

It all made sense right from the start. But, first, I learned you don't have to be pushy or cold call to make a sale.

Inbound Sales is about being helpful. It's about having the customer's needs and pains in mind. It's about listening instead of pushing prospects to close.

You become a consultant and a guide. Your questions open possibilities and help prospects make decisions on their own.

As you help prospects reach your goals, you reach yours. 

But I digress. I was fortunate enough to attend Inbound 2016. Tired as hell from the long flight, Ranya and I arrived at the venue at 8 am to register and pick up our badges. 

We didn't have anything to do and were about to leave. But someone caught our attention.

We noticed this guy wearing a HubSpot t-shirt. He's waving at people, fist-bumping, taking selfies with them.

Ranya and I kept wondering, who is this guy? What does he do?

Always the introvert, I observed the situation. But Ranya is a textbook extrovert. She just walked up to him and asked: "Hey, are you famous?"

"Hell yeah, I'm famous!" he said. A little chit-chat ensued, which ended in a selfie.


To tell the truth, we didn't even catch his name. 

The next day I attended the “Establishing rapport with anyone” session. And surprise-surprise, the famous guy was in charge.

His name is Dan Tyre. He whom they call The Lion.

I loved the talk and learned to open a conversation with simple questions like "are you a dog person or a cat person?" or "do you like ducks?". What an "oh shit" moment that was. 

In March, I noticed Dan was speaking at some US HUG groups, so we reached and asked him to come over to Chile and speak at the Santiago HUG.

We were not even sure it was possible. But Dan accepted, and it happened.

We had 36 hours with Dan in Santiago. We got to know him better and even got to take him to a sales meeting.

And let me tell you, seeing Dan in action was awesome. Like a one-person pride of lions, he came, attacked, and took his prey home. Those guys didn't have a chance.

While Dan was here, we asked our HubSpot CAM Jose Martins to get into Dan’s pipeline generation boot camp. We wanted to be lions, just like Dan. So we applied and got accepted.

It lasted eight weeks, one hour a day, for a 40 hour-total of training and homework. Here are our top takeaways from Dan's boot camp: 

1. Always have a motivational statement nearby, and by nearby, I mean on your cell, printed on your desk, etc. Check it every morning. Dream it. Visualize it. 

2. Forget always be closing. Always be helping instead. 

3. Define your positioning statement: your purpose, core competencies, and culture

4. Always use the prospect fit matrix to identify good quality leads

5. Always use CRM to manage sales. If you can, do consider HubSpot Sales Pro tools

6. Spend the first 90 seconds of a connect on your greeting ...Hi, this is Ranya from IDS agency... pause... pause... pause. 

7. Be human - say what? Human. Yes. Always ask, "how are you doing today? How can I help?"

8. Show teeth, lots of them... smile even if they can’t see you. When you smile, your energy levels go up.

9. Never qualify on the connect call.

10. Use magic words and phrases - lead gen, customer acquisition, competitive advantage. Don't be an amateur. Use terminology to establish authority.

11. And last but not least, my favorite: have an..." I don’t care, I still want to help" attitude 😃  (Dan Tyre, 2009) 

We want to thank Top Lion Dan Tyre for the opportunity to be part of this course. We gained confidence and learned useful tactics to prospect and connect with warm leads. We became lions. And guess what. It works. It really does work. We are onboarding 2 new clients next week. Boom!

Sales and marketing have come a long way, my friend. Even if you're an introvert like me, you can use these principles to become a better professional and find a new side of yourself. 

Sales are no longer about having a "special" personality. It's about helping. And everyone can help—even you.

Let me hear your ugh... 😃 

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