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February 25, 2015

Whether you're creating lead generation content, social media content, calls-to-action, or infographics -- your marketing materials should always be as visually appealing as possible.

I will be writing a series of blog posts covering easy-to-use online design tools that entrepreneurs try to create visually appealing marketing material without costing an arm and a leg, requiring lots of training hours, or a steep learning curve. The functionality of the tools will categorize these posts.

In this post, I will start with the Color tools that you can use to create color combinations that work together, usually referred to as the color scheme.

Color has been used as a catalyst for affecting human mood and behavior in marketing for centuries. Creating the perfect color scheme to design your landing page, CTA, website, and email automation campaigns is key to optimizing conversion rates.

But first, what does each color represent, and how does it make us feel? Read more about the different meanings of colors, their symbolism, and psychology,

A landing page or CTA with the right complementary or contrasting colors can increase conversions, generate more leads and sales for your promotion.

Here is a list of the most popular color tools online:

1. Adobe Color CC

Using Adobe Color CC, you can generate color themes, palettes, and schemes wherever inspiration strikes. Then, sync your design across Creative Cloud apps and software. For example, you can get color scheme inspiration from the "Explore" tab, upload a photo to help you pick similar colors, use the help of different color rules to choose your theme (analogous, monochromatic, triad, etc.), and get all the RGB and HEX codes for individual colors.

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2. Design-Seeds

Design Seeds celebrate colors found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living. You can search for color palettes by color or theme.

As quoted from the curator's bio, "I am particularly obsessed with flowers, crops, produce, and the countryside which surrounds me here in Wisconsin." You will find hundreds of photos and matching color palettes, and you can get the HEX code of each color by hovering over the color chip.

3. Image Color Picker

Upload any picture you like to Image Color Picker or use any image URL, then select any point of the picture and get the HEX code of that color. This is a nifty tool to create matching color schemes.

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4. Paletton

Formerly known as The Color Scheme Designer, Paletton is one of the most popular tools for picking a color palette that works without too much effort.

Pick one color, and view various schemes of your choosing -- monochromatic, complementing colors, etc... What makes it unique, though, is that you can even preview a sample website with your chosen color palette in a light and dark version.

You can also export color tables in CSS, Adobe PhotoShop ACO palette format, and many other formats.

5. COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers is a creative community where people worldwide create and share colors, palettes, and patterns. You can use the basic palette creator to select any color and get a combination of similar colors and add it to the palette.

6. Oto255

0to255 is a simple tool that helps marketers find many variations of any color. Perfect for hovers, borders, gradients, or access colors. It is a simple tool that helps you find lighter and darker colors based on any color. 

You can click the variation you want to use, and the hex code is automatically copied to your clipboard.

7. Pictalulous

Generate a color palette from PNG, JPG, or GIF images/photos. Receive color suggestions from Kuler and COLOURlovers, download your palette in Photoshop swatches (.ACO) file, or submit your email and receive (.ACO) via email. 


A simple yet handy little tool,, lets you look at an unlimited number of swatches next to each other, then copy the hex code with just a single click.

9. Hexu. al

Browse for words that make hex codes instead of a hex color value of many letters and numbers. For example, you can browse Heux. Al, select much more fun and memorable color names such as #doodle or #goofed. 

10. CSS Color Names

If random color names aren’t quite your thing, maybe this list of 147 descriptive color names might be a little easier to remember in your style sheets. View the full selection or see a random value with each click of the mouse.

11. Color Scheme Designer

Design your own color scheme with the Color Scheme Designer. First, rotate and adjust the color wheel to select your base color, then see automatically generated values based on your palette type.

You can also export color tables in CSS, Adobe PhotoShop ACO palette format, and many other formats.

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

CSS gradients are difficult to code. You need to know color values for each gradient stop as well as prefixes of cross-browser compatibility. The Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator allows you to create complex multi-stop gradients, supports opacity settings, generates cross-browser comparable CSS.

13. Hex 2 RGBA Color Calculator

This color calculator is a great HEX to RGB color converter. Devon's Hex 2 RGBA Calculator makes the process easy, with the complete CSS value being copied with just one click to be used in your CSS rules.

14. Color Hexa is a free color tool providing information about any color. Just type any color values in the search field. ColorHexa will offer a detailed description and automatically convert it to its equivalent value in Hexadecimal, Binary, RGB, CMYK, HSL, HSV, CIE-Lab, Hunter-Lab, CIE-Luv, CIE-LCH, XYZ, and xyY.

ColorHexa will also generate matching color schemes such as complementary, split complementary, analogous, triadic, tetradic, and monochromatic colors. So you will be able to know what colors best suit the one you chose. It is also possible to blend colors or create a gradient between them.

Do you believe in the effectiveness of color in your marketing creatives design? Leave a comment on how you create your color scheme or/and any color scheme tool you feel is important to this list.

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