Top Typography Tools for Marketers


March 04, 2015

Following up from my previous post, Online Design Color Tools for Marketers, this is my second post in this series, covering easy to use online design tools that both entrepreneurs and marketers trying to create visually appealing marketing material without costing an arm and a leg or requiring lots of training hours or a steep learning curve.

In this post, I will be covering Typography tools.

Content marketing has become one of the primary methods to retain customers, attract new clients, and generate leads, sales, and profit.

Typography plays a significant role in strengthening your brand, creating interest in your product, and highlighting your central message.

Typography refers to the way that text is arranged on a page or document.

Typography is great for enhancing a theme, adding personality, increasing emphasis of an idea or reinforcing a thought, demonstrating emotion, creating interest, and crafting aesthetic appeal.

Whether you're creating lead generation content, social media content, calls-to-action, or infographics -- your marketing materials should always be as visually appealing as possible.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a directory of over 670 fonts that are ready for use on your website. Search and browse the fonts you like and add them to your collection. Then, grab the HTML and CSS code to add to your website. You can also choose to download the fonts to your desktop and use them with your desktop design tools when making new marketing designs.


Seen a font in use and want to know what it is? Upload a screenshot with any font to WhatTheFont and find the closest matches in their database. This is especially useful when you have old design materials without any font files or names. If you couldn't find the font, you can ask other users on WhatTheFont Forum for assistance. WhatTheFont is also available as an app for the iPhone, Android version coming soon.


FontStruct is a free font-building tool that lets you quickly and easily create fonts constructed from geometrical shapes arranged in a grid pattern, like tiles or bricks. Once you're done building, FontStruct generates high-quality TrueType fonts, ready to use in any Mac or Windows application and easily shared with other users.

Type Tester 

The Typetester is an online application that allows you to compare fonts for the screen. Its primary role is to make web designer’s life easier. You have three columns of text and can modify the typography any way you please. You then get the CSS that accompanies your selections.

Font Picker

Font Picker is a simple tool that shows you all the fonts installed on your computer and helps you choose which one is most suitable for a particular project.


Typecast works just like the web, with an infinite canvas. Design a working prototype using simple visual control, which then exports to HTML & CSS files or shares by URL. You also have the ability to create multiple versions of the same project.


1001 Fonts, Font Space, Font Squirrel, and Da Font

Free sites that offer 1000's fonts to use "Free for Commercial Use."

Do you believe in the effectiveness of typography in your marketing creatives design? 

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