5 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Business this Valentine’s Day

Ranya Barakat

February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day is not only for lovebirds waiting to express themselves. It has turned into a commercial day during which businesses if utilized intelligently, can make a fortune. The occasion has become an important day for shops, florists, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, spas, eCommerce stores, and other businesses that provide unique customers.

Not only does Valentine’s Day provide an increase in sales, but it can also work as a powerful method to create a buzz about your business. With marketing trends and consumer behavior changes, online research's dependency must be taken into account. 81% of people check for online deals before making Valentine's gift purchase.

And about 60% of people say that social media influence their purchases. So with this in mind, here are some ideas showing different ways to use social media for your business that can assist you to increase your sales this Valentine’s Day or create a buzz around your business.

1. Start a Valentine related #hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to promote any business. You can easily track how many people are tweeting and sharing about your campaign based on who’s using the hashtag. So create a #hashtag that is unique to your line of business, and start a relevant campaign. So, for example, you can start a campaign where the hashtag is #iloveyoumorethan...and you ask your clients to continue the sentence and tag or upload a photo on Twitter or Instagram.

2. Branding, branding, and more branding

Give your social media channels a facelift that is co-branded between your brand and love-related graphics. Visuals are a great way to deliver your message to your customer. This can be done using your cover photos, font color, watermarks, profile pictures, etc...

Try to be unique with your design because you want to stay away from being labeled as cheesy! So get original and creative with the way you design your graphics for Valentine's.  

3. Create Remarkable Content

Creating remarkable and shareable content is one of the best ways to promote your brand online. A beneficial time of year to push content as such is Valentine's. You can create graphics with Valentine-related content or short videos or memes with jokes that can be easily shared. Infographics related to your industry with Valentine's look and feel are also an option.

One of my favorite types of shareable content at this time of year is interactive ecards. To create a series of ecards that the users can fill in and send to their loved ones. To increase the opportunity of sharing, do not only stick to love messages between the couple.

Go a little wider and target many different types of relationships in which people want to share their appreciation and love towards someone else. This can be mum and daughter, best friends, work colleagues, grandparents, etc.

The list is endless. The types of content that can be created are plenty, and with love being such a broad topic, it works very well hand in hand. Remember that the more unique your shareable content, the faster and quicker it goes viral.

4. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming exceptionally important for businesses that target women and especially those with visually appealing products. As a result, the Pinterest user base is one of the fastest-growing. Here are a few ways on how you can use Pinterest Valentine’s Day:

  • Create Valentine’s Day themed boards.
  • Use Rich Pins to make pinning easy for your followers.
  • Add the Pin-it widget to your website. Then, let others do some of the promotion work for you.
  • Use Pinterest Analytics for insight on your most popular pins and active users.
  • Share your Valentine’s Day Pinboards on the platforms that you are using in your business. Offer a discount or gift to users who pin your products. This is a very effective way to increase traffic to your website.

5. Show Love To A Local Charity

Encourage your users to show love to a local charity side by side with you. This is a great way to help people in need, express love so that the world needs more of it, and encourage interactivity between you and your customers.

A good way to do this is to allocate a percentage of your sales from Valentine's products to a good cause. Make this piece of information very clear on your website and social media posts. You can also go a step further and invite some of your customers to attend an event with you and the charity you choose to work with. Use this activity and event to write a press release and fire it on your social media channels and website for exposure. Show love with gratitude. 

These are just a few ways to use Valentine's Day as part of your social media marketing and Inbound Marketing campaign. I hope you find them useful. 

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Ranya Barakat

Ranya is a serial entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience working on the HubSpot CRM. She loves pushing her sleeves up , and getting s*** done. When she is not running her HubSpot partner agency, you can find her upside down on her yoga mat.

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