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Migrating to HubSpot CMS Can Be Daunting

Are you planning to migrate your website to HubSpot CMS but feeling overwhelmed by the numerous challenges? You're not alone. Many businesses face obstacles like data migration, design compatibility, SEO preservation, and managing redirects. The need for technical expertise, team training, third-party integrations, time management, budget constraints, and post-migration support can make the process even more intimidating.

Don't Let Migration Hurdles Hold You Back

Migrating to a new CMS is crucial in unlocking your website's full potential. But, the challenges mentioned above can be frustrating and hinder your business growth. The consequences of an unsuccessful migration include lost data, reduced organic traffic, compatibility issues, and a significant drain on time and resources. You need a partner who can help you navigate these challenges with ease.

Overcome Migration Challenges with Our Expert Assistance

Our experienced team specializes in helping businesses overcome HubSpot CMS migration challenges. 

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes the following:


Accurate website data migration


Tailoring your existing design to fit within HubSpot's framework.


Keeping your SEO rankings intact by maintaining meta tags, and URL structures.


Set up proper redirects and fix broken links to maintain a smooth user experience.


Team training: Empower your team to adapt and excel in using the new HubSpot CMS platform.


Offering cost-effective migration plans to fit your financial constraints.


Post-migration support: Providing ongoing assistance to optimize your website.

Is your HubSpot migration project making you think:


The complexity and multiple aspects of migration can be daunting.


Roadblocks, like design incompatibility, can cause impatience.


Potential data loss and SEO impacts may create anxiety.


Balancing migration with ongoing operations can be challenging.


Worries about costs and risks may create hesitation.now


Migration hurdles can lead to questioning the decision.


Managing challenges and ensuring success adds pressure.


A lack of technical expertise may cause dependency on support.


Our process


Discovery and Analysis

We start by assessing your current website to identify all content, design elements, SEO data, and third-party integrations. This step allows us to develop a tailored migration plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.


Data Migration and Design Adaptation

We adapt your existing design to fit the HubSpot CMS framework, maintaining your brand identity and user experience.

We migrate all content, design elements, and SEO data accurately migrated and properly functioning.


Third-Party Integrations and Customizations

We integrate your existing third-party tools and plugins with the HubSpot platform. We assess compatibility and work to ensure seamless integration or find suitable alternatives if necessary.

Additionally, our team can create custom modules and templates to cater to your unique business requirements.


Training and Support

We train your team on using the new HubSpot CMS to ensure adoption and full utilization.

Once the migration is complete, we offer optional ongoing support through email to troubleshoot any issues, answer questions, and provide guidance on optimizing your website's performance.


What they say about us

May 24, 2023

On-boarding was awesome

David was amazing at answering all of our questions and training us on the platform. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided great tips along the way. Highly recommend HubSpot!

Services provided

Crm Implementation, Customer Success Training, Help Desk Implementation, Knowledge Base Development

Bridget Carminati11-25

May 19, 2023

Amazing Weekly Help

David Azcunaga did a great job in helping me get started with the platform and setting up all the basics to help me down the road.

Services provided

Sales And Marketing Alignment

Arie Nouriely6-10

May 17, 2023

Servicio CRM Toolbox

Excelente servicio por parte del equipp de CRM Toolbox, nos ayudo a entender los puntos importantes de la implementacion de HubSpot en nuestra empresa.

Services provided


Luis Carlos Romero2-5

May 16, 2023

Excellent onboarding experience.

Luis, Sebastian and Jorge were all very positive, knowledgeable and extremely personable. It was a pleasant and effective use of time working with them in the onboarding process. I would highly recommend them.

Services provided

Account Based Marketing, Community Management, Crm Implementation, Crm Migration, Customer Marketing, Onboarding, Sales Enablement

Patrick DonnellyPREFER-NOT_TO_SAY

May 10, 2023

Exceeded expectations

CRM Toolbox surpassed my expectations with their quick response, easy communication, and seamless implementation process. Their team's professionalism and dedication were evident from the start, ensuring a smooth collaboration. Their rapid implementation time minimized disruption, while their clear process provided a well-defined roadmap for success. CRM Toolbox went above and beyond, delivering a migration project that perfectly met our business needs.

Services provided

Crm Migration

Heikki Sivonen11-25

May 01, 2023

HubSpot tool built

CRM Toolbox allowed us to turn an idea into reality with our first-ever website tool. (https://info.majortom.com/benchmark-tool). The whole team was super responsive throughout the whole process and was very thorough when providing explanations, leveraging the use of loom videos for better understanding. We have used them for a number of HubSpot-related projects and will continue to do so.

Services provided

Email Marketing, Website Development

Victoria Samways51-200

Apr 27, 2023

HubSpot Onboarding

Very happy with our CRM Toolbox experience! Luis was wonderful in helping us set up our HubSpot instance and showing us the ropes. He’s extremely knowledgeable and was able to tailor our training for our specific needs. He is very responsive and is quick to come up with creative workarounds when needed. Highly recommend Luis- he made onboarding meetings something I looked forward to!

Services provided

Marketing Onboarding

Caitlyn Matchick51-200

Apr 26, 2023


We had a great experience with the onboarding process. David was extremely helpful and always available. The process was mapped out in a way that made the tasks efficient. David was able to brainstorm and come up with the perfect solutions we needed.

Services provided

Operations Onboarding

Emily Davis11-25

Apr 25, 2023

Luis rocks!

I employed CRM Toolbox to facilitate our company's adoption of HubSpot for project outreach and communication. With a tight deadline looming, we required a quicker onboarding process than the originally planned schedule. Luis streamlined our onboarding procedures by focusing on the critical elements necessary to get our team up to speed. Many thanks to Luis for his invaluable contributions!

Services provided

Crm Implementation

Michael Sarrassat26-50

Apr 24, 2023


We were a former HubSpot client, we tried Glasshive and came back to HubSpot. Daniel helped us through our issues list and provided insight when needed. Our goal to was to get as much automation into place. We had some expectations from the sales team that we were not able to get-but this was not on Daniel- thanks again Daniel for your willingness to help and get us started

Services provided

Crm Implementation

Dave Hodgdon11-25

Apr 21, 2023

Data migration with superb partner

We had a challenge to do data migration in HubSpot. We had already discussed with several supplier candidates but then we found CRM Toolbox who was from different planet with other suppliers, positively so. Everything was smooth from first meeting to finish and we are extremely happy with the results. Biggest reasons for this superb customer experience were: • Efficient first meeting where our needs were clarified • Clear proposal with fixed price • Very flexible and fast start for the project • Good communication throughout the project • Extremely fast execution of the migration CRM Toolbox’s team were so convincing that we want to continue co-operation with them and next we are starting HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation. Thank you Ranya, Izzy and the team. We couldn’t be happier.

Services provided

Crm Migration

Erkki Mäkelä26-50

Apr 20, 2023

HubSpot Onboarding

Our experience with CRM Toolbox was fantastic. Daniel was a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of HubSpot and coached us every step of the way through implementation. Thanks for all the help, Daniel!

Services provided

Crm Implementation

Devan Telken2-5

Mar 31, 2023

Structured, organized and ontime

Our experience with CRMToolbox was very positive. Jorge was extremely organized and kept us on schedule. They met deadlines, were responsive and collaboration tools used during the process made it work smoothly. The videos and assets they have left us with after engagement should be a great resource for future users. Jorge and David were a pleasure to work with. Only thing we might have done different is get a better understanding of their offering prior to engagement. We moved a bit faster so, we could have possibly spent money a bit differently with them. Thanks guys. P

Services provided

Crm Implementation, Sales Onboarding

Paul Hebert51-200

Mar 29, 2023

Excellent experience with Luis

Our team really enjoyed working with Luis. He was extremely helpful and clear when teaching us how to use HubSpot. On top of that, he was super patient and always brought a bubbly, positive attitude to our weekly meetings. We now feel prepared and excited to continue our journey with HubSpot! Thank you Luis!

Services provided

Account Based Marketing, Conversational Marketing, Customer Integrations, Customer Marketing, Email Marketing, Full Inbound Marketing Services, Marketing Onboarding

Ashley Wharton2-5

Mar 20, 2023

Wonderful team, wonderful work!

The team I worked with were all incredibly helpful and always responded right away with insightful answers. They were able to help my team set up automations that helped with our sales process and now we have much less manual work to do. I would recommend CRM Toolbox to anyone using HubSpot, whether you are just now getting it or have had it for years.

Services provided

Sales Onboarding, Sales And Marketing Alignment

Mary Peterson11-25

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How much does migrating your website to HubSpot cost?

The cost for each migration project can vary depending on the size and complexity of your website, as well as any additional requirements like customizations or integrations. 

Starting from


We have answers to your questions...

We have over 10 years of experience in building and migrating websites on the HubSpot CMS. Our team has successfully completed hundreds of migration projects across various industries, handling diverse complexities and challenges.

We're well-versed in the intricacies of the HubSpot platform and are committed to providing seamless migration solutions tailored to your business needs.

We start by doing a comprehensive audit of your existing website to catalog all the content, design elements, and SEO data.

We then re-develop your website on HubSpot CMS and recreate all the pages with your content and SEO data.

Our team conducts multiple quality checks to verify that all content and elements are accurately migrated and properly functioning.

We believe that training is crucial for your team to maximize the potential of the HubSpot CMS. Our training process includes hands-on sessions, tutorials, and resources to help your team adapt and excel in using the platform.

We also provide ongoing email, phone, and chat support to troubleshoot any issues, answer questions, and offer guidance on optimizing your website's performance.

The timeline and cost for each migration project can vary depending on the size and complexity of your website, as well as any additional requirements like customizations or integrations.

After auditing your website and understanding your needs, we will provide a detailed project proposal outlining the scope, timeline, and costs.

We aim to deliver a seamless migration experience within a reasonable timeframe and budget, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Let's talk about your website migration project

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We understand that migrating to a new CRM or a marketing automation platform can be a stressful experience. We've helped hundreds of companies from around the globe successfully migrate to HubSpot. To help you make the HubSpot migration process more straightforward, we've created this guide to share our learnings and experiences with you.

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